Friedens Lutheran School

It is our goal to provide the students of Friedens Lutheran School with a sound foundation for life in this changing world and for life in the unchanging joy of heaven.  To meet this goal, we provide a program of thorough and comprehensive instruction in the Word of God and His plan of salvation for mankind.  We strive to help our students see ways to apply their Biblical knowledge in their personal and worship lives and to look for ways to communicate it to others. 

Friedens Lutheran School...

  • Offers full-time Christian education for grades 4 year old preschool through eighth grade.
  • Provides opportunities for children to excel in all areas: academic, music, athletics, technology.
  • Has 135 students enrolled in  K4-8th grade.
  • Is served by ten teachers, plus additional support staff.
  • Serves its students with teachers who are qualified, dedicated, caring and certified by the one of the largest Lutheran school systems in the United States--Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod  (WELS).
  • Offers opportunities for its students to continue their Christian education at Shoreland Lutheran High School while others may attend local public high schools--Tremper High School (THS), Bradford High School (BHS), or Indian Trails Academy (ITA). 
  • One to One Chrome Books for 6th - 8th grade, plus additional Chromebook Carts for the lower grade classrooms
Friedens Lutheran School is a member of a nationally recognized family of Christian Education. It is comprised of:
  • 372 Early Childhood ministries
  • 289 Lutheran Elementary Schools
  • 25 Lutheran High Schools
  • 2 Lutheran Preparatory Schools
  • 1 Worker Training College
  • Total Schools: 436 Total Enrollment: 42,233