Athletic Philosophy
Friedens Athletic Program Philosophy
The goal of our athletic program is to provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences as it pertains to athletics, while at the same time helping the children to develop Christian maturity, Christian sportsmanship, and an appreciation of their God-given abilities.
Involvement in the athletic program provides opportunities to learn the benefits of responsible team play and cooperation. It provides a vehicle for learning mental and physical self-discipline, loyalty, personal pride, pride in the school, respect for others, and the will to win. It proves that hard work and dedication produce wins not necessarily just in the win-loss column. Participants are encouraged to develop their God-given talents and abilities to their fullest.


 Goals of the Athletic Program
The athletic program is a vital part of our school’s program of Christian education. It helps accomplish these major goals of our school:
  • Students GLORIFY God by developing and using their God-given talents. 
  • As Jesus grew “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52), students have opportunities through the athletic program to GROW in four ways:  intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. 
  • Students GO with the Gospel by representing their Savior and school with God pleasing effort and conduct in all athletic activities.
Objectives of the Friedens Athletic Program:
  1. To provide Friedens Lutheran students the opportunity to participate in sports interscholastically.
  2. To provide a Christian atmosphere of competition at practice and games where no degrading, taunting or  unchristian outburst will be tolerated.
  3. To provide an opportunity for participants to glorify God.
  4. To encourage students to do their best with the God-given ability that they have.
  5. To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship through sports with other schools.
  6. To provide a program that uses instruction of the fundamentals in the various sports to better one’s skills.
  7. To learn the following of life’s lessons through athletics:
a.       The value of competition.
b.       Fellowship with one another.
c.       Respect for others (players, coaches, referees, umpires and fans).
d.       Getting along with one another and working together.
e.       Good sportsmanship.
f.        To recognize that God has not blessed all individuals with the same abilities but also to realize that giving our maximum effort is just as important as winning.