The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation (WELSSA) has established the standards for accrediting our Lutheran schools. These standards and the association have been formally recognized and approved by the National Council for Private School Accreditation. NCPSA is a member and participant with the regional accrediting associations as part of the CITA Alliance (Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation). Through NCPSA and CITA recognition and agreements, cooperative accreditation and transferability of credits/grade placement are possible for students attending schools accredited by NCPSA members accrediting agencies.

Friedens Accreditation
Friedens Lutheran School has completed their accreditation through the WELSSA. FLS has received accreditation status. Through the process of accreditation, FLS reviewed their school’s mission and philosophy, and then carried out a self-study to look at their school’s strengths and areas of improvement based upon standards established by WELSSA.  Major standards involve the following areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Learner Performance, School Climate and Facilities, Community Relations, Personnel, Leadership and Governance.  Once the self-study is completed and all needed standards are properly documented, a visiting team comes to our site while school is in session and validate the self-study findings.  FLS has created a 5-year strategic plan, based upon findings during the self-study and recommendations given from the visiting team, which will guide us in planning future improvements as we strive to provide the best Christian education possible.